The World’s First Fiberglass Beach Entry Pool

The World’s First Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool – Available to Order

Enjoy a day at the beach without leaving your house

A perfect day at the beach with the entire family doesn’t have to be something you only get to do on vacation anymore. Thursday Pools is thrilled to announce that we have created the world’s first beach entry fiberglass pool (utility and design patent pending.)

Beach entry pools have recently gained popularity at resorts and upscale hotels and have also become a sought-after feature for residential pool owners. Prior to this invention, it was impossible for fiberglass pool manufacturers to integrate a beach entry into their designs.

Our new beach entry design:

  • Features a gently sloping, non-skid pool entry that transitions seamlessly from most any deck or patio.
  • Eliminates the need for stairs and allows easy entrance and exit from your pool, making it perfect for swimmers of all ages.
  • Creates a shallow spot for small children to play and sunbathers to sit.
  • Offers the luxury feel of a high-end resort or a day at the beach in the privacy of your own backyard.


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