Everything You Need to Know About Fiberglass Pools

What Is A Fiberglass Pool?

A Fiberglass Pool is an artisan crafted composite pool shell that arrives at your home ready for installation. A composite fiberglass pool is one of strongest and most durable materials available for manufacturing pools. If you’ve ever googled fiberglass pools near me, then you know fiberglass pools are a great way to create a backyard escape. You can get a custom look and feel by mixing and matching shapes, finishes, landscaping, and accessories to make it uniquely yours. You’ll spend more time in the pool and less time maintaining it.

What is a fiberglass swimming pool

What Fiberglass Inground Pool Accessories & Options Should I Consider?

There is an almost endless list of built-in and add-on pool options that can tailor a fiberglass inground pool to your lifestyle. A backyard pool can truly become the centerpiece of the time you set aside for entertainment and relaxation. You need to consider comfort, climate and how you’ll use your pool. Everything from heaters, slides, fountains, spas and more can be added to create a unique experience for you and your family.

fiberglass options and accessories

What Pool Shapes & Sizes Are Available?

Whether you started your search looking for small fiberglass pools near me or perhaps a rectangle fiberglass pool with a spa, you’ll find they come in sizes and designs to fit a wide range of budgets and tastes. Inground fiberglass pools accommodate both high-energy users and those who want to chill and relax in the sun. Thursday Pools offers a number of different sizes and shapes to choose from as well as the only patented Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool, a true zero entry pool. It’s an ideal choice for an inground fiberglass pool.

fiberglass pool sizes and shapes

What Should You Expect For Fiberglass Pool Installation & Maintenance?

Fiberglass pools are relatively quick to install and new manufacturing techniques make it easier than ever. The annual and lifetime maintenance of fiberglass pools compares favorably to other options—with less work and less money required of the homeowner. The best news is fiberglass pools require less maintenance than other types including vinyl liner or concrete pools. You’ll still have to check your water chemistry, maintain appropriate water levels and clean the pool regularly, but generally you’re going to spend more time enjoying your fiberglass pool.

Are you ready to take the plunge? 

Find the fiberglass pool that’s right for you. 


Seeing is believing.
Fiberglass pools are beautiful, and fiberglass pool shell manufacturers have expanded design offerings to the point where a fiberglass pool can truly feel custom. The color, sizes, and shapes available ensure there is a fiberglass pool for every interest and lifestyle—from sitting, sunning and lounging, to enthusiastic games of water volleyball and hoops. The size, breadth of designs, and shapes offered in today’s fiberglass pools complement the design notes of any backyard.

Get out of the pool and into a tanning ledge.
One of the most popular features of today’s fiberglass pools is a tanning ledge. A tanning ledge is a shallow area in the pool that allows you to place a chaise lounge or similar piece of pool furniture in the water. You can catch the sun’s rays while staying cool and at least partially wet. The fiberglass pool innovation pace is fast, with newer pool designs that include the sunken living area and beach entry. With a sunken living area, you can read, enjoy some snacks or even play cards in a dry area, surrounded by the pool! And with the beach entry option, you’ve got the comfort and feel of wading into the increasing depth of the water just like you would at the beach!

Make your inground fiberglass pool the star of your outdoor living space.
A pool patio rounds out the look and feel of an inground pool. While a standard quote from your builder will likely include a 3 to 4-foot concrete patio, that is far from the only option. The architecture of your home, the surrounding landscape, and your personal tastes may prompt you to expand and get creative with your backyard oasis. Patio options can include adding a decorative border around the pool or the edge of the patio. Your patio could be stamped concrete, pavers, brick, or colored concrete. It can be broad and expansive or it can be peppered with greenery and landscape accents, or it can be both!

If a particular vacation spot has captured your imagination, your pool can take a starring role in the creation of that place in your backyard. With a beach entry and carefully chosen tile, you have a start at creating that perfect staycation spot. Going to Mexico on your staycation? Blend decorative tile and stucco in bright shades of yellow, orange, and blue with lush vines and succulents. Perhaps a chiminea or a grand outdoor oven? Going to the Caribbean with your pool? Perhaps the accents of choice are deep blues, whites, and buffed grays with splashes of tropical colors. Set up some weathered teak furniture, made comfortable with indoor-outdoor pads and pillows. Order up a slushy beverage and you are ready to go!

Maybe you’re wondering, can I add a hot tub to my fiberglass pool? Just wait there’s more.
Hot tubs are a great way to add a relaxing element to a fiberglass pool. As pools have evolved, the creative ways we find to enjoy them have evolved as well. And they don’t have to be built-ins or large decorator-inspired projects. The world of inflatable toys has moved way beyond the standard beach ball or personal blow-up float. An inflatable can be perfect for raucous fun or sunny pampering. They can accommodate your food, drink, card games, Bluetooth devices, and so on—all in the service of turning your backyard float-time into a little taste of paradise.

Let’s get beyond good looks and talk about what a pool does for you.
Inground fiberglass pools have a lot to like. But what if you’re not a “features” gal or are less interested in what is, and more in what it does? What if you really need to know, “What’s in it for me?” That’s easy. For starters, a pool is a place where you can restore your mental health. You’re outdoors, in the privacy and solitude of your backyard, enjoying the comforts of your pool. Ahhhh! Thoughts of the pile of work waiting for you on your desk? Dunk your head under the water. Listen to the bubble jet push air and water gently across the surface of your relaxing pool. It’s soothing, and that counts for a lot.

The mental is impacted by the physical, and a pool can have a positive impact on your physical state. A pool provides a low-impact environment for you to move about—and that can be good for various forms of arthritis and joint pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, tendon pain, and so on. Swimming and swimming activities (like water aerobics) are among some of the most healthful and beneficial activities you can do. And an inground pool puts it right out your door!

A pool is a great place for exercise and sometimes that exercise can come in the name of just having some good ol’ fun—like playing volleyball, for instance. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget you’re building up an appetite and burning calories. Do you have little rugrats who just need to be worn out, so they’ll go to bed at a proper hour? Splashing in the pool will wear them out in a positive, healthy and endlessly fun way.

Will a fiberglass pool add value to your home?
Your pool can also add value to your home in ways that you may not be able to fully articulate. It’s not uncommon for the backyard pool to become the hub of activity for the kids and their friends. That social bonding is an instant return on your investment. But did you know that installing a fiberglass pool can actually increase the value of your home? If you’re interested in that question, an appraiser can help!

Here’s an underrated benefit—you have something to care for. Life at home has its rhythms and rituals. A pool establishes a rhythm that may suit your lifestyle or that of your spouse. Some husbands, and mind you we know them, enjoy having something to care for and a pool is a unique object of affection. The enjoyment of the pool increases with the care we give it and there is a reflected glory to the pool’s caretaker—an elevated status within the family and neighbors as the one who keeps the beautiful pool clean and beautiful!


What are the advantages and disadvantages to fiberglass pools? 

It’s natural to want to look at the fiberglass pools pros and cons list. While we’ve focused on the features and benefits of fiberglass, they aren’t indestructible. A fiberglass pool isn’t immune to damage. For example, a fiberglass pool gel coat can discolor if the water chemistry is not in balance. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of it! With a dose of vigilance and dedication to upkeep, your fiberglass pool can provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. A lifetime? Just how long do fiberglass pools last, you might ask?

Is it true? Can a fiberglass pool last 50 years? Some well-cared-for fiberglass pools have been known to last up to 50 years!

Fiberglass looks and feels like a million bucks. When looking at fiberglass versus vinyl and gunite the look and feel of the surface is a definite advantage with fiberglass. Fiberglass pools come in an array of colors and finishes and positively make the water shimmer in the sunlight. On top of that, there is the feel. Are fiberglass pools slippery? Fiberglass pools look slippery, but they’re generally not. It’s easy to get that impression looking at their shiny surface. It’s just a pleasant trick of the eye. Our fiberglass pools are finished with a gel coat that is non-skid and non-snag and is great for pets’ paws and swimsuits.

Fiberglass is a versatile and durable material. It’s created when fibers of glass are spun so finely that they can be molded into all kinds of shapes. The best fiberglass pools are built with gel coats created for the most demanding industries including marine boat hulls, tub shower units, wind energy blades and automotive applications—all of which place harsh demands upon fiberglass material. Innovation for pool industry fiberglass took off in the early 2000s with the introduction of deep-blue, colored gel coats that not only looked great, but had environmental and production savings benefits as well.

Fiberglass pools are manufactured in a controlled environment, in advance of arriving to your backyard. They are not custom. Once upon a time, this generated a problem of limited choice, because there were not more than a few fiberglass pool designs available. On top of that, the material’s durability and beauty was not yet as established as it is today. Today there are dozens upon dozens of beautiful and durable fiberglass design options that really can suit almost every backyard residential customer. However, if your desire is for a 70-foot lap pool, fiberglass may not be your first choice.

Is a fiberglass pool worth the money?
Fiberglass pools are not the cheapest pool option on the market. If you’re just looking to get a pool in the ground, you can spend less with a vinyl liner pool. You can also try doing it yourself, though we would not recommend this approach. We’ve seen too many of these go wrong! The professionally-installed inground fiberglass pool earns its stripes through fast installation, lower annual maintenance costs, long-lasting durability and outstanding manufacturer’s warranties. The look, feel and improvements in technology have made them a go-to option for pool dealers and homeowners alike. Fiberglass pool market share has steadily increased over the last decade, especially in midwestern states. A few advantages builders cite are that fiberglass pools are predictable, they result in reduced labor costs, decreased cycle time (fiberglass pools are typically completed in 2 to 4 weeks as opposed to 2 to 4 months) and the final product is both beautiful and durable for decades.

How to find the best fiberglass pool manufacturers?
Fiberglass pool manufacturers recognize that an inground fiberglass pool is a big decision for a homeowner. Look for a manufacturer that is willing and able to provide not only personal service in response to an email or call, but also a host of self-service research options. This includes informational videos, idea books, inground fiberglass pool cost calculators, pool selector tools, financing guidebooks and more. In addition, manufacturers who spend time cultivating relationships with dealers will help them be a greater resource to you, their local customers.

The best fiberglass pool manufacturers are good stewards of the environment. This includes being ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14001 sets out criteria for an environmental management system that can be measured and improved. In practice, it can be realized through optimizing the application of gel coat, reducing emissions and improving air quality, for example.

Are there fiberglass pool installers near me?
It’s very likely there are multiple fiberglass inground pool dealers near you. It’s worth doing some research, seeking out referrals, talking to your neighbors or even interviewing the dealers that make it to your final list. After all, you’ll be spending at least a few weeks with a crew and their equipment in your backyard.

When you have a chance to talk to a dealer, it’s a good idea to ask them about the work they’ll be doing and what they’ll subcontract out. You may want to ask for a pre-construction meeting. It might seem like extra work, but in the long-run, it’s usually a time-saver and benefits the efficiency and clarity of the project. A pre-construction meeting should take place on-site and is an opportunity for the dealer and homeowner to take note of the elevation of the pool location, rainfall drainage routes, underground utilities and electrical plans.     



Entertain guests, neighbors, friends and relatives. Play, exercise, and splash. What’s your preference? Perhaps it’s all of the above. Do you want to know the great thing when it comes to fiberglass pool designs? There are solutions for every personality and preference. Gone are the days where fiberglass was a limiting factor, and if you wanted something that felt custom, you had to explore other options.

Fiberglass pool designs from Thursday Pools include zero-entry patented designs like the Grace Beach Entry (rectangular) and Sandal Beach Entry (freeform) pools. The Thursday Pools pool design portfolio also includes best-sellers like our Aspen which sports a tanning ledge, full-length steps, and a wide-open swim area and comes in five different sizes. Speaking of sizes, the breadth of sizes available in fiberglass pool designs is something to behold.

In the Thursday Pools portfolio, there are five pools bigger than 33.5” in length, including the Grace, Monolith, Goliath, Aspen and Cathedral designs. These are largely rectangular designs with some rounded accents or other freeform features built-in. In the category of “medium or mid-sized,” the options expand to twelve, including more curvy options, which we’ll detail below. On the smaller side of things, there are seven Thursday Pools designs, including a spa, to choose from.

The combinations are extensive. As you dream of a fiberglass pool and you think of the design that will suit your lifestyle and personality, you will be excited to find that not only are there sizes that fit nicely into various backyard landscapes, but there are shapes that match up with different tastes and needs, too. Take a look at the Sandal or the Wellspring, for instance. The freeform curves of these pool designs feel every bit of custom.

How do you pick a pool size and design? Of course, one response is to start with what you want. Put together a list of the features you want and use that to gauge what pool shape and design you’ll want. This may result in a scenario where your perfect pool is an Olympic-sized pool with a lazy river and waterfall-festooned lagoon. So another starting point is to start with what your backyard looks like.

Say you have a modest backyard or one that is multi-purpose and must also act as a garden spot, wiffle ball field and doggy-run. The pool may need to be thoughtfully-placed with those considerations in mind. In a situation like this, a smaller pool may be the ticket. Remember you’ll probably also want ample deck space for lounge chairs and other items that pair well with the pool lifestyle. But, if you’re in a setting where you can spread out, a bigger pool may be the way to go. If you’re into entertaining, you’ll find that it’s not hard to fill your deck space with outdoor amenities like a grill and a pergola. Designing the space makes it feel cozy and more like an extension of your home.

Why would I pick a curvy design versus the classic rectangular pool? It could just be the “feel” it gives you, as simple as that! Spend time in a curvy design fiberglass pool, and you may find that you just enjoy that organic feel of the little nooks that flow from one pool to the next. You may also like the way those curves play against the more rectilinear lines of your home or fence lines. A freeform’s flowing silhouette can lend itself to clever patio design and lighting schemes.

You may like a classic rectangular design, which often has flowing lines built into its features – like tanning ledges or steps. Or you may enjoy something that is a little of both, like the Thursday Pools Cathedral design, which incorporates a classic arched shape into the ends of a rectangular pool.

There are a number of other considerations, beyond personal tastes that you should incorporate into your decision process when it comes to picking a pool size and shape, including:

  • Property line setbacks. Your municipality or state may have regulations that specify how close your swimming pool can be to your property line. Sometimes, these specs are aesthetically-driven, other times they are related to safety.
  • Septic system or underground utilities. You’ll want your utility companies to survey and mark your yard. Get specific information on the depth of your utilities, especially if space is tight and you might need to adapt your pool depth selection.
  • Easements. Utility companies, your home title, or a look at local GIS maps might reveal that you have easements adjoining your property. Know these and how they might impact your build and size/design choices. Easements might include: power lines, natural gas lines, storm drains, or sewer mains.
  • Neighboring property easements. A neighbor may have an easement on part of your back or side yard.
  • Access. Overhead power lines and utility poles can conflict with your installation. Fiberglass pools arrive at your home in one piece and they need to clear such obstructions if they are near your yard.
  • Zoning. Municipalities and HOAs may have regulations on lot coverage and greenspace requirements. It’s something that you and/or your dealer need to check out before you settle on a particular size or design.
  • Obstructions. Retaining walls, trees, outbuildings, and other yard features can become obstructions as you consider access or positioning of your fiberglass pool.

The basic process of selecting a pool size and shape is intuitive. If you look out your back window, you can discern, through good judgment and some rough walk-off measurements just how much pool and surrounding patio your backyard can accommodate. As you get closer to making your decision, it’s a good idea to establish a pre-install checklist, connect with a dealer who is familiar with your geography and neighborhood and schedule a site visit with that dealer. You can easily connect with a dealer by searching fiberglass pool companies near me.

What is the smallest size fiberglass pool?
One of the big benefits of fiberglass pools is that they have been designed to fit in smaller living spaces. If you’re into the urban lifestyle which often provides excellent amenities of living downtown, but sacrifices a small backyard, you don’t have to worry. Thursday Pools has a few smaller sizes like our Aspen so you can have your cake and eat it too. Our smallest pool is the Sea Turtle which is 9.5’ by 19.5’ with a  4’6” depth.



Having an excavator in your backyard for the first time can be a bit nerve-racking, but don’t worry. You’ll be working with an independent dealer who knows what it takes to create an unbelievable backyard oasis. You’ll want to look for an installer that can show you the work they’ve done, listens to your questions, and is genuinely interested in the quality of the work they are doing. A good installer is going to be busy and will have a wide range of projects they can show you to ensure they bring your vision to life.

They’ll be able to guide you through getting the right permits and tell you what’s going to happen next and when it will happen. You can expect to go through the following steps with your installer. Note these are not meant to be a comprehensive or complete list of every step your dealer will take. It is meant to give you a good idea of what you should expect at a minimum. The topography and location play a big part in the way your builder will install your pool.

  • Design – Your installer will ask several questions about what you want to do in your new fiberglass pool, the ambiance you want to create, and the styles you like. After assessing your preferences they’ll make some recommendations on the shape and size that fits best and help you narrow it down to two or three options before you make your final choice.
  • Layout – Once you’ve chosen the fiberglass pool shell that will be the centerpiece of your backyard your pool builder is going to use dig specs to ensure the hole they’ll dig to place your pool is just the exact size required.
  • Excavation & Setting – After you’ve seen a plan for landscaping and amenities that will be included, your builder will get to work using excavators and backhoes to remove the grass and dirt.  The dig specs will tell the builder things like how much overdig to include for plumbing and accessories. It will also note the final dimensions of your pool and give your builder specific guidelines to ensure the shell is installed properly. Sand and gravel will be used to set the pool floor to ensure a solid foundation for pool placement.
  • Delivery and Placement – Break out the champagne and make some memories with your neighbors on this day. Your pool will likely be lifted via a crane over your house and placed gently down into the hole. It’s a sight to see and often draws a crowd that’s ready to celebrate and maybe even looking forward to being the first invited to enjoy your pool.
  • Backfilling & Adding Water – Once the pool is set, backfill will be used to tighten up areas such as tanning ledges to ensure firm support. Water will be added along the way to ensure equal pressure on the inside and outside of the pool. As the water and backfill reach areas for plumbing the installer will attach PVC and test for leaks. The process of adding water and backfill will continue until it reaches the decking grade level.
  • Plumbing and Electrical Installation – One thing you’ll want to talk to your builder about is the location of the pad for the equipment that will run your pool including the pool heater, pump, filter, water features, and electrical equipment. It will need to be strategically placed, but you’ll also want to use some foliage to hide it.
  • Concrete and Finishing – The final step will include pouring concrete, tiling, and doing all of the detailed finish work that will make your pool look outstanding.

Again this is a high-level overview of the installation process for a fiberglass pool. Talk to your independent dealer for specific details on the process they use for installation.

Maintaining your pool isn’t hard but you will want to consult with your professional independent dealer for specific guidelines.

How much do fiberglass pools cost?
While vinyl liner pools often have the lowest upfront investment, fiberglass pools trail only slightly behind. And because of their impervious surface, they require fewer chemicals to maintain water balance versus vinyl or gunite. In addition, fiberglass pools are sturdy and long-lasting and therefore require less frequent surface repair or replacement. In a “time is money” world, fiberglass also gets the nod with a shell turnaround time of less than a month. Add to that quick install times due to its one-piece design and the fact that the elements (weather) have little impact on installation, and fiberglass pools gain a cost advantage.

Fiberglass pools are affordable, and there are financing options to fit your budget and timeline. The average fiberglass pool installation will run somewhere between $40,000 and $60,000, depending on the decisions you make relative to size, design, decking, landscaping and other related elements of the install. It’s easy to find online tools, like an inground pool cost calculator, to help you in the selection of a pool and a tighter estimation of costs.

A good rule of thumb, if you’re putting together a rough budget, is to estimate $1,500 per linear foot. So a pool that’s 10 feet x 30 feet will come in at $45,000. Keep in mind, you’re pricing the pool plus the accessories you must have. You may be wondering, “What about financing?” Much like any sizable home investment, there are many options for financing your pool. Your dealer has likely helped buyers just like you find financing for their pool.

As you put together your plan, you might find it works for you to separate the resources you utilize for the purchase of the pool, landscaping, and add-ons. For example, you may find it useful to finance the pool, pay for the landscaping using a credit card that generates miles or points and then save the finishing and add-ons for next year and pay out of pocket. Some factors in how you go about it will include how soon you want to get into the pool, your other financial obligations, your dealer’s build schedule, the local climate/seasons and your desire for frequent flyer points.

As we alluded to above, pool cost is more than installation. This is true of vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass. You will need a host of products to maintain proper water chemistry and a clean pool, including: pH increaser/decreaser, calcium hardness increaser, stabilizer, sanitizer, shock, and algaecide to name a few. Of course, your maintenance cost will be affected by your pool size, but on average, you can expect a monthly maintenance cost of around $120.

Are there hidden costs outside of installation and regular maintenance?
There are also some costs that might not factor into a standard quote that become part of your project due to geography, local regulations or other reasons. A few of the most common hidden costs include: site preparation, site access, permits, fencing, restoration, electrical wiring, and dirt hauling. Fencing may be a local ordinance or state law. Restoration is what you might think of as ‘clean up,’ but that might be understating the scope and scale of the post-installation work. Keep in mind that you might have removed as much as a one or two-car garage’s worth of dirt to install this pool. The equipment required has a significant impact on the appearance of your backyard.

Site preparation may sound simple, but can become quite involved. If the ground is hard or if there is a considerable volume of earth to remove prior to installation, these can impact the cost. If the backyard site is difficult to access by truck, your dealer may need to contract a crane and crane operator or temporarily take down existing infrastructure to access the backyard. Permitting for residential pools varies by state and local municipalities—your dealer should know the particulars of your area. Permits might include fees paid to the municipality or an HOA. They might also require the purchase and installation of safety fencing.

Restoration can be as simple as clean-up and replacing some sod, to as involved as a full-scale landscape revamp. If you’ve had large trucks, dozers and/or cranes in your backyard during an install, you’ll have restoration and should include it in your budgeting. Electrical can be as simple as making a connection to a box on the rear of the house, but there is usually more to it. An upgraded or separate electrical box is usually a necessary accommodation for a backyard pool that has a filtering system, lighting and jets.

You’ll want a cover. Many pool owners opt for an automatic cover. Pool covers are about much more than just keeping out a few leaves. In addition to keeping airborne debris off the water’s surface, pool covers help lower water loss and chemical use while your pool is unused. In addition, automatic pool covers can provide an extra level of safety above and beyond the security fence or other precautions you may have in place.



It would be easy to think that fiberglass pools are manufactured in an assembly line, “every Model T is black” mode, but that’s far from the case. The innovations and options available to the sun-seeking pool buyer are staggering. Beginning with the size and shape. Of course there are the classic shapes of rectangular, semi-oval and ‘kidney bean’. There’s also classics with a twist, like a rectangular pool with an arched entry. More recently, there are ever-more daring, freeform or “wavy” pool shapes that pair wonderfully with the deep blue hue of a fiberglass gel coat finish.

Whether you go traditional or more freeform in shape, there are myriad options for how you enjoy the pool with the built-in design features. From a beach entry design to a sunken living room to a fiberglass pool with a tanning ledge and swim outs, there is something for everyone. As you browse the many fiberglass pool designs, you will likely find a size and design combination that will fit your lifestyle whether it’s soaking up the rays or spiking a volleyball into the water on the other side of the net.

Innovation in residential, inground fiberglass pool designs and features have opened up the creative minds of homeowners. Take beach entries and tanning ledges for example. The presence of these features just beg for additional context and ambiance—let your inner designer go wild! Tropical plants, creatively landscaped waterfall features, exotic LED lighting and beach-themed bars are just a few ways homeowners bring the beach to their backyard pool.

Sunken living room features are one of the latest innovations in fiberglass pools. And they can be tailored to fit your lifestyle. They have a dry sunken area within the pool. Within that area can be a dining table, a poker game, fire pit or a swim-up bar with a fridge. They can be customized with LED lighting and sound as well as design accents like wood trim, tile or stone. It can even be topped with a tanning deck or putting green. There are few limits on where you can let your creativity take you!

Fiberglass pools are an elegant centerpiece for your backyard.

How do you go about picking out a pool design and options that are right for you? The best starting point is lifestyle. Consider how you like to interact with your family and friends. Take into account who will be using the pool and their needs. Once you’ve decided on an approximate size, you can think about features like tanning ledges, beverage benches and open swim lanes, and which of those features are must-haves for you.

Are you part of a big family that likes to do big-family get-togethers? Maybe your home is the traditional hub of those gatherings? If your door is always open and more often than not, your friends and family accept that open invitation and end up at your place, you may want a bigger pool with features that accommodate a wide range of people like wide open swim lanes, ample steps and benches.

Is your family all adrenaline with a garage full of sports gear and balls everywhere you look? You’ll probably want a pool with space for a game of splash basketball or volleyball. You may want a deep end for the installation of a dive board. A classic design, shallow at one end and deep at the other, can fit the bill. And it should be spacious enough that you can have benches or comfortable entry steps too.

Perhaps you fell in love with classic lines of stone architecture and crisply designed landscape architecture on a European vacation? Be the lord of your manor! Your fiberglass pool design can be a design element in a grand backyard scene. Relaxation, grace and glamour are yours with a pool set amongst carefully chosen stonework, a perfectly manicured lawn and a nearby stand of trees. Oh, pool boy!

There are other decisions you’ll likely need to make when you make the decision to contact a fiberglass pool installation company. They will want to check your site out and inform you on local regulations, fencing requirements, and other fiberglass pool installation costs. From there, you’ll consider the larger ‘build-out’, making decisions on decking, furniture and fixtures, lighting and utilities, filters and pool covers and more.

It’s easy to think that your backyard isn’t big enough for a pool. But when you consider there are models that are full-featured and still less than 10 feet by 20 feet in area, you will definitely see things differently. A pool this size can be outfitted with features like elongated benches and can easily accommodate swim jet systems.

A pool of a different sort. Available options in fiberglass pools.

Fiberglass pools aren’t a drop it in, cookie-cutter style, proposition. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find some of the options available in the fiberglass landscape that expand upon your idea of what your backyard oasis can do.

Consider the fiberglass plunge pool. If you’ve heard this term, you may not have known exactly what it meant. It’s a compact pool, usually spa-size or not much bigger. It’s sometimes an add-on feature that accompanies a larger pool, or it’s a featured pool for a yard with limited space or a homeowner with specific needs. For instance, a plunge pool can just be a place to relax and rejuvenate or it can be equipped with a swim jet for resistance workouts.

A Wet Deck is an addition you can add to your pool installation that gives you a place to just relax in the sun while dipping your toes in the cool water. Featuring a 12 inch depth, the Wet Deck can even include custom spillway options to seamlessly tie into your primary pool design. It not only provides the practical benefit of a place to rest and relax, it looks cool and adds depth and dimension to your pool deck area.

Do you have small ones? The Wading Pool design provides a uniform depth playground for the little ones in your life, while also accommodating the needs of the adults with built-in benches. It comes in two sizes and is a terrific, low-maintenance accent when you want a place to cool off in the backyard and you want to keep things simple.

Sometimes you want muscle relief. And a spa is one of the best ways on earth to get it.  Available in two sizes, the Thursday Pools spa is a terrific addition to a backyard paradise with enough room for seven people. It’s the spot to sit back, relax and let the energetic bubbles relieve your stress.

Somewhat related to a spa—it’s actually a multipurpose design that can act as a spa or as a dry “sunken seating area” within the pool—is an innovative product from Thursday Pools called Cortona. Cortona opens up the possibilities for entertaining and being together in the pool space. The sunken seating design of Cortona provides space that’s great for a meal, as a dry space for parents to watch the splashing kids, a card game and more. And, of course, the sunken seating area can also be a built-in spa—a fiberglass pool with a hot tub.

Outfit Your Pool to Reflect Your Style

How do you make an inground fiberglass pool your own? In other words, how do you clothe it? The best fiberglass pools are much like anything else you own – after you live with it for a while, it starts to develop a personality and become like a member of the family. It’s a retreat. It’s a playmate. It’s a support system for the exercise regimen. One way it becomes all of these things is in the way you add your own touches to it.

Do you live in a basketball-crazy state? A pool-side hoop may be a fixture you consider an absolute essential—not up for discussion—a must! You may feel the same way about volleyball. Stretching a net across the pool is a guaranteed recipe for fun. If your kids love a playground and have a little sense of the daredevil in them, a pool-side slide is probably one of those items that will factor into the design and size of pool you select. And if you choose a pool with a deep well at one end, you’ll have a natural desire for a diving board installation.

Beyond the obvious pool fixtures you can add to your deck to “plus-up” the pool, there are an almost endless number of ways to outfit the pool and you’ll discover that the more time you spend by the pool…the more time you’ll want to spend by the pool! The net result? You’ll find new excuses to build more and more activities into the backyard with the pool as a centerpiece. Are you a foodie? Of course, you’ll want to pair the pool life with the food life. Stay near the pool—dinner is served!

How do you stay near the pool? One way is to think ahead when you install the pool and provide ample patio space—space where you can build a cabana for cooling off or playing a hand of cards in-between dips in the pool. Space where you can build a firepit for a high-ambiance nighttime social setting. Adding fire? Consider adding a waterfall backed by LED lighting and play with all the elements. The sights and sounds you add to your backyard are amplified by the presence of your inground fiberglass pool.


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